Family Rides

Bombay Ship (Big)

Pirate Ship (big) Amusement Ride

Seats: 40 seats
Height: 12 mtrs
Structure: CR confirming to DIN 4112 or EN 13814
Power: 20 Kw
Input: 430,380,230 volts.3 phase A/C 50/60 HZ
Control: VVVF frequency drive/DC Drive
Foundation: Require Civil Foundation
Excluded: Operators Cabin and Fences
Complete with spares, tools, and operations and Maintenance manual

Bombay Sky Wheel

Giant Wheel Amusement Ride

Dia: 28 mtrs
Height: 30 mtrs (other custom sizes available)
Gondola: 24
Seats: 96
Weight: 75 tons
Power: 36 kw, 430/380/220 volts A/c 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Lighting: 10kW

Bombay Sea Octopus

Octopus Amusement Ride

Dia: 24 mtrs
Height: 5 mtrs
No. of Cars: 4/6 arms (4 gondola each – 2ppl/gondola)
Estimated Capacity: 400 pax/hr & 650 pax/hr

Family Ride

Sky Copter Amusement Ride

Dia: 12.3 mtrs
Height: 7, 9 & 14 mtrs
Vehicles: 6 Vehicles, 4 seats each – 24 seats
Estimated Capacity: 480 pax/hr
Suggested ride duration: max. 1.5min
Motive power: 35 KW 430/380/220V
Lighting power: 5KW 380/220 V 3ph 50/60HZ
Speed: 8 RPM (centre) / 5 RPM (vehicles)
Weight: 8,10 & 12 Tons

Horses Carousel

Pony Amusement Ride

No. of Horses:10 (Moving Mix of Color English type)
Seat:1 per Horse
Track:100 meters oval shape (any custom length available)
Control system:6kW/ 48 volts
Arrival & Departure Control:Included

Bombay Water Shoot

Water Shoot Amusement Ride

Length:10 Meter
Width:5 Meters
Height:3 Meters
Capacity:240 childrens p/h
Power:5 kW
Voltage:220/380/430V AC 3 phase 50/60 HZ
Weight:3 tons

Bombay Kangaroo Hop

Kangaroo Hop Amusement Ride

Height: 6.1 meters & 9 meters
Seating Capacity: 6 seats
Age Group: 4-12 years
Width: 2.4 meters
Capacity per Hour: 180 persons (simultaneous Loading)
Power Drive: 11 kW
Lighting Power: 3.5 kW
Pneumatic Cylender Drive: Meter, Safety Lock and Emergency Switch

Trackless Train BS70

Trackless Train BS70 Amusement Ride

No. of seats: 34 Adults
Height: 12 meters
Width: 2 meters
Total No. Of Passengers: 32
Speed: 30 km/hr max (adjustable)
Engine: 4 Cylinder, 60 HP Power Steering
Lighting Power: NA
Turning Radius: 6 meters (4ws)
Hydraulic Breaks: All Weals

Bombay Trackless Train BS25

Bombay Trackless Train BS25 Amusement Ride

Capacity:16 – 25 Pax
Engine Power:10 to 175 HP EURO ||/|||
Brakes:Fail safe Air / Hydraulic
Max Speed:0-25 KM/hr
Boogies:2-4 (open or closed Air conditioned)
Engine:Direct Injection Diesel (other variants CNG,LPG or petrol on request)
Audio:Wireless music and announcement
Painting:PU system (spray painted)
Theme:Old western (others available on request)

Crazy Cups

Crazy Cups Amusement Ride

Crazy Cups (six-cups)
Height: 3 m
Width: 7.2 m
No. of cups: 6 cups, 4 passengers each
Estimated capacity: 576 p/h
Motive Power: 5 kW 430V 3 ph 50/60Hz
Lighting power: 5 kW 430 V 50/60 Hz
Delivery: 10-12 weeks
Crazy Cups (nine-cups)
Diameter: 16 m
No. of cups: 9 cups, 5 passengers each
Estimated capacity: 900 p/h
Motive power: 22 kW 430V 3 ph 50/60Hz
Lighting power: 15 kW 430 V 50/60 Hz
Delivery: 16-18 weeks

Bombay Stud Farm

Bombay Stud Farm

No Of Horses: As Required (Moving, Mix of Colour English type)
Seats: 1 per Horse
Age Group: Family
Track: As required
Motive Power: 1 KW per horse.

Bombay Dark Ride

Bombay Dark Ride

Track Length: 160 Meters Or Custom Made
CarsAs Required
Seats: 6/8/9/12 Max per car
Estimated Capacity450/HR
Voltage220/380/430 V AC 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
Motive Power2 KW Per Car
SafetyLap Bar, Shoulder Strap, ELCB, MCB and Over
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