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BARPL is well known for manufacturing a diverse line of amusement rides keeping up with international standards. Our products generally serve a wide range of customers, including large theme parks and small to medium-sized regional amusement parks. Over the years, BARPL has earned colossal fame, especially in the amusement ride industry, as they installed and commissioned more than 300 rides. BARPL is famous for offering complete amusement ride solutions from conception to completion. We have designed and manufactured some unique sets of rides that continue to fulfil the expectation of our benevolent clients.

Children Rides

Unleash the Thrills, Ignite the Smiles: Children’s Joy Rides

Family Rides

Creating Memories Together: Family Rides for Endless Fun!

Adult Rides

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit: Thrilling Experiences for Adults!

Steam Train Amusement Rides

Giant Wheel Amusement Rides

Bombay Drop Tower

Roller Coaster Amusement Rides

Pioneering Excellence, Forging a Timeless Legacy


BARPL and Its

BARPL came into existence in 2005, and the main aim of BARPL is to manufacture world-class amusement rides while maintaining international standards. Since its inception, it has successfully installed 300 rides. Apart from manufacturing amusement rides, BARPL offers services like ROI analysis, costing, conceptualization, design, theming, landscaping, selection of rides, installation, manpower planning selection, and operation assistance


What Our Clients Say

We have found that products and services of BARPL to our satisfaction. We have found them to be sincere. supportive and being quality conscious for safety Aspects of the rides they produce. We wish them great success in their future business too. With best wishes

Fit. Lt. Anand Lamdhade

Vice president -operations and new project Essel world Mumbai

We have had favourable relationship with BARPL over the last several years. Questions are answered in a very timely fashion via e-mail, phone. commitment to shipping and delivery cates are very important and BARPL has atways performed very well for us.Flexibility with design changes or modification were always met with a positive response. I look forward to lasting relationship with BARPL.

Vince Kudier

New Waterford, Ohio USA

As previously discussed, the slide supports and towers supplied to the malpani project is Probably some of the highest quality steel fabrication | have seen in the industry. The galvanizing quality is also excellent and the instollers seemed to have no issue Moking the bolted connections. Stairs stringers and guardrails went together without issue Which is a first in my experience . Job well done pradeep! wan.

Mark Hudon

Senior Construction Supervisor Whitewater West industries Lid, Canada.


BARPL and Its

Since its inception in 2005, BARPL, as an amusement ride manufacturing agency tried to improve every process by asking themselves a fundamental question what new rides can they create, and how can they do existing things differently? Further, this ‘pursuit of improvement’ allowed them to be innovative thanks to the new rides, the new technical solutions, and the better service they could offer their clients

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